Aiming to Elevate Digital Transformation RAC Signs Strategic Partnership with Master Works

Riyadh, July 6th, 2023

Riyadh Airports Company (RAC), which manages and operates King Khalid International Airport (KKIA), has signed a strategic partnership contract with Master Works company to implement the Turnaround Management System project. This comes as part of RAC’s efforts to enhance the digital transformation of its operations in line with the National Aviation Strategies and Saudi Vision 2030.

Data Virtualization

Data virtualization is an approach to data management that allows data to be retrieved, manipulated, and integrated without having to know the details of how the data is formatted or where it is physically located; its goal is to create a single representation of data from many different sources without the need to copy or move the data.

Meta Data Management

Metadata management is the management of data that describes other data by designing a metadata repository and populating it with metadata that facilitates the use of the information in the repository. It involves developing policies and processes that ensure that information can be integrated, accessed, shared, linked, analyzed, and maintained for the best effect across the enterprise. As for metadata, it is created whenever we create data, obtain new data, add, delete, or modify it. Metadata management aims to make locating the origin of data stored in databases easier.

MDM Master Data Management

Master data management (MDM) is the process of creating a consolidated set of data about customers, products, services, suppliers, and any other business data available in an enterprise's information technology systems. Master data management is an essential process of comprehensive data management; they help improve data quality by ensuring that all relationships between data are accurate and consistent at the enterprise level.

Data Integration

Data integration is the process of combining data from multiple source systems to create standardized sets of information for operational and analytical uses. Data integration is an essential process of comprehensive data management; its goal is to produce standardized data sets that are clean and consistent and meet the information needs of various end users in an enterprise.

ODS Operational Data Store

The operational data store (ODS) is an active database used as a temporary place to store data utilized in current processes before it is transferred to a data warehouse for long-term storage or archiving. An ODS is used to consolidate disparate data from multiple sources to light business processes activities such as Real-time analysis, processing, and reporting.

Data Streaming

Data streaming is the process of seamless and continuous transmission of data at a constant rate and high speed. New generations of the Internet, cloud computing, and increased reliability of the Internet have contributed to the improvement of data streaming on the Internet, which contributes to the application of data analysis from streaming sources in real-time and its processing to make quick and accurate decisions based on streaming data.

Data Modeling

Data modeling is creating a simplified flowchart of a software system and all the data it contains using symbols and scripts to show how the data flows, its attributes, and the relationships between it. It is essential for enterprises because it enables data management and analytics teams to document data requirements and identify errors in upcoming development plans. It also helps the enterprise to use its data effectively to meet all information business needs.

Data Quality

Data quality is a measure of the state of an enterprise's data based on several factors, such as accuracy, completeness, consistency, reliability, and how recent it is. Measuring the quality of data for enterprises contributes to identifying data errors, if any, speeding up their resolution, and evaluating whether the data available in the enterprise's information technology systems are appropriate to serve the desired goal or not to correct them.